Low filtered water production troubleshooting

Filtered water levels flunctuate depending on local water temperature and water quality. The ideal water temperature is going to be 70-80F.

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If the low water production started right after filter replacement, please refer to this article for a solution.

If the system stops prematurely, within 1-3 minutes before 20 minute max filtering time, without producing any water at all, then please refer to this article.

The following are the most common possible reasons why the unit will produce less water during the whole 20-minute(+/- 1-2 minutes) filtering cycle:

  1. Colder inlet water - viscosity of the water will increase as the water temperature get’s colder. We suggest trying room temperature water(70-80F) from the kitchen faucet to see if the production increases.
  2. If the leftover water from the bottom tank hasn’t been emptied after each filtration cycle but simply topped off on top of the previously filtered water. Then the concentration of impurities will go up and plug up the filters. If this has been the case, then the reverse osmosis membrane needs to be replaced. But, we suggest starting to empty the bottom tank after each cycle and using the unit for 2-3 days to see if the production returns once the membrane has been flushed out multiple times.
  3. The bottom tank silicone gasket might be worn or out of place. Please visit this page for more information.
  4. The inlet water(water being filtered) has a high concentration of hardness minerals(above the national average) or some other compound that’s plugging up the reverse osmosis membrane. In this case, the only solution is to replace the reverse osmosis membrane. We do have a carbon prefilter with anti-scale media precisely for this issue. It prevents scale build-up, and the reverse osmosis membrane will last a lot longer when used with an anti-scale carbon prefilter. This filter is now available on our website and installed in the place of and the same way as a regular carbon filter would be: Antiscale Carbon Prefilter. The replacement reverse osmosis membrane is available here.

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