How to flush the flow restrictor Flow 300

No or little water is produced, and/or the system shuts off prematurely after filter replacement.

Sometimes a tiny carbon particle in a pre-filter can come loose during shipping and get stuck in the flow restrictor once the new carbon filter has been installed. This will prevent water from returning into the bottom tank and cause excessive pressure within the system.

flush flow KB.png

Follow the steps below for an easy fix.

  1. Before removing the flow restrictor, please take a picture of the arrow indicating the water flow so that the part can be reinstalled in the same direction.  The connectors on the flow restrictor are the same quick-connect type as on the post filter. 
  2. Once it's removed, rinse it out under the running water to flush out any carbon that might be stuck inside.
  3. Reinstall in the same direction as before.

If the rinsing doesn't help and the water is still blocked from returning into the bottom tank, please get in touch with us to obtain a replacement flow restrictor.

If you have confirmed that the water flows through the flow restrictor by disconnecting the tubing leading out of it, and there is still no water flowing back into the bottom tank. Then in some very rare cases, hardness build-up might prevent return line solenoid from opening. Please get in touch with us to obtain a replacement solenoid and replacement instructions.

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