How to replace Zero Installation Purifier spout

Zero Installation Purifier spout replacement steps:

  1. Remove the top tank from the Zero Installation Purifier’s base for easy access as shown in the following video:

  2. Unscrew the holding nut (shown below) located inside the top tank to remove the existing faucet.

  3. Replace the faucet with new one and make sure 2 white seals are on each side of the top tank.
  4. Hand tighten the holding nut to secure the faucet.
  5. Fill the top tank with water to test for leaks. If the leaks occur make sure that white seals are on each side and tighten the holding nut a bit more.
  6. Place the top tank back into Zero Installation Purifier as shown in the video above(step 1) to avoid leaks.

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