How to Replace the Pump

Pump replacement:

  1. Unplug the unit
  2. Remove the front panel and disconnect control board.
  3. Remove the top tank.
  4. Please see the picture below for the screws that need to be removed in order to take ZIP apart. I would suggest taking off the screw located behind the top tank first. Then carefully place zip over the edge of the table/counter so that the bottom screws are accessible from the bottom and zip is in the upright position. (unscrew 7 screws total 4 on the bottom, 2 in back, and one on top)


5. Once all the screws are out, you will be able to slide out the metal frame from the plastic shell halfway. There will be wires connecting to the front of the plastic shell that will need to be disconnected in order to completely free the frame and remove it from the shell.
6. Once the frame is out, the pump is easily accessible. Take a picture with a smartphone of the pump set up, so it can be replicated with a new pump if necessary. Disconnect wiring and tubing from the existing pump.
7. Replace the pump with a new one by removing 2 screws that are accessed from the filter side of the frame.
8. Slide the unit back into the machine and replace tubing in its places
9. Screw the top screw in first so the system is in place
10. Screw in the 4 bottom screws
11. Screw in the 2 back screws
12. Plug machine in
13. Ready for use

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