Leak troubleshooting

Most of the time, it's a quick fix, such as a loose connection or a disconnected fitting.

  1. One common cause of a leak is the spout not being mounted tightly on the upper tank. Sometimes the faucet holding nut may get loose from the vibration during shipping or cleaning of the top tank. This can be fixed by tightening the nut inside the upper tank that secures the spout in place. Hand tighten only - DO NOT overtighten. Please see the video below.
  2. If a pure water outlet is not facing down causing water to be deposited outside of the top tank. Please see the video below.

  3. One of the filter connections might get disconnected or broken. Please open the back of the system to check to see if anything looks like it's broken or disconnected by removing the back panel.

If this is a brand new system that leaked during first use and the above steps didn't help, in some very rare cases due to rough shipping, the following might cause the leak.

The return line solenoid might break off or move from its original position causing the water to leak inside the system instead of being returned back into the bottom tank. Please refer to the picture below for how the return line solenoid should look.

If the above doesn't help, please contact our customer service for the next steps.

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