Is there anyway to turn on/off bluetooth connectivity for the Connected Series RKIN water system?

There is a way to turn on/off the Bluetooth. There is also a way to put in a pin code on the Bluetooth connection.
You can turn the Bluetooth off in the master programming, which essentially turns off the Bluetooth chip on the circuit board:

  1. To get to the “master programming,” press and hold both buttons on the front of the control valve for 5 seconds.
  2. Once the display starts flashing, let go of the buttons and push the top button only to scroll through the options. Scroll until you see “BE1” on display.
  3. Then push the bottom button turning the display to “BE0”, which turns off the Bluetooth.

In the app itself, you can select “password protect.” When this is selected, the password can be set to any 4-digit number the homeowner wants, making it impossible to connect for anyone who doesn’t know this password.

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